CME Research

Each year, Global devotes a portion of its budget to conduct CME research on learners, funding sources and outcomes. From patient and funder surveys to physician feedback on CME value and utilization, our staff biostatistician analyzes the data and compiles it into valuable reports that we share with education partners to help expand reach and impact.

Several Global research projects resulted in published reports, including The Global Guide Volume III, a compendium of regulatory and compliance guidelines, CME Crossroads, a white paper on the history of CME scrutiny, and “Does CME Work? The Learner’s Perspective,” which was featured in Medical Meetings Magazine.

Global research delivers intelligence and impact across our network. Check out the research areas below to learn more about how Global CME research can help you and your organization grow

CME Value Research

We survey physicians, nurses and other professionals in seven specific therapeutic areas of practice to learn what value they place on CME/CE, how often they incorporate information from CME / CE into practice, preferences related to education, barriers to practice and other critical data points that advance our educational and education funding objectives. A few of our notable CME research projects on physicians and allied care include:

  • CME Value Survey Phase I: The first phase of Global’s CME Value research focused on HCPs perspective on funding sources, motivation for completing more CME than what is required and impact of reduced opportunities for obtaining credit
  • CME Value Survey Phase II: Global’s second phase of CME Value research provided results from over 1,400 HCPs on their perspective on the value of CME, impact on practice changes and healthcare costs.
  • CME Value Survey Phase III: The next phase of Global’s CME Value Research is currently underway in 2015 and will focus on learning preferences and impact of CME for HCPs within specific therapeutic areas

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ACCME Annual Reports

Global analyzes accreditation board annual report and compliance data, as well as regulations such as the Physician Payment Sunshine Act, to help clarify CME/CE trends and share best practices and advice with our education partners.

Quality Grants

With a managed network of clinicians, scientists and specialists, Global collects advanced intelligence on CME / CE funding sources/opportunities from both commercial and non-commercial sources.

  • 2013-2014 Grant Approval and Profitability Scale: Detailed analysis of grant budget benchmarks for live and enduring activities that took place within the past year to determine the low, high, and average costs of over 10 key budget line items in approved grant submissions. In doing so we are able to deliver valuable insights and analysis to our education partners that help improve the overall success rate of their grant submissions.
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  • Quality IME Grants Survey: An in-depth survey of individuals within 24 different funding organizations which provided Global and our partners with a better understanding of how funders evaluate and select high quality grant proposals. The survey focused on a number of key items, including:

  • Number and dollar amount of approved grants
  • Percentage of grants approved
  • Data on multi-funded grants
  • Overall level of involvement in the grant approval process
  • Value of grant components and outcomes measures

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