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Show Me the Money- CME Transparency Reports

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Most of the debate over CME swirls around the estimated $1.1 billion in annual grant funding from pharmaceutical companies. That’s why last week’s GSK announcement that they will issue quarterly transparency reports on educational and charitable grants issued was welcome news to anyone who seeks a bright future for CME.

Starting February 2009, GSK will issue transparency reports on all U.S. grants to health-related organizations. The reports will include grants provided to organizations such as hospitals, teaching institutions, managed care organizations, professional associations, patient advocacy groups, and continuing medical education companies.

CME Prescription: The Truth

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Whenever it feels like the sky is falling, the Pulse takes solace in one of grandma’s favorite axioms on life: the truth always comes out in the wash.

Nowhere is this more true today than in continuing medical education (CME). The trouble for all stakeholders is that CME, in terms of the “wash,” is just entering the spin cycle.

In just the past two months, we’ve seen the following cascade of activity and crises: